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How to fix the width of the adaptive card field?

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I have an adaptive card comes up for user to fill in the information. I am using JSON to display this field(code mentioned in below.) How can I fix the width of the text box. It is kind of big which doesnt look good in UI. Is there anyway I can fix it. 


Thank you. 

JSON code of the field:

"type": "Input.ChoiceSet",
"id": "Country",
"placeholder": "Please select Country",
"style": "compact",
"isMultiSelect": false,
"label": "Country",
"isRequired": true,
"errorMessage": "Required input",
"choices": [
"title": "United States",
"value": "1"
"title": "Canada",
"value": "2"




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    Expiscornovus 29,254 on at
    Re: How to fix the width of the adaptive card field?

    Hi @furqanmajeed,

    As far as I can tell the Input.ChoiceSet does not have a property for that. But you might be able to workaround it by using for example a columnset, column or a table.

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