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Please Read for Updates on Forums & Blogs

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We’re thrilled to announce that our Copilot Studio Community blogs & forums will be moving to an all-new forum platform effective June 4, 2024, this move will enhance your experience, streamline conversations, and introduce a suite of exciting new features that we can’t wait for you to explore.
PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the launch of the new Copilot Studio Community, we want to keep you up to date. During our transition you may notice that the previously saved deep links will not be working, currently they are going to the Read Only Forum & Blog boards.  
You can still access the updated Copilot Community Blogs & Copilot Community Forum Boards here and save the new deep links.
What’s New? The new forum will have a fresh look, improved navigation, and a host of updates that makes connecting with fellow Copilot enthusiasts easier than ever. Plus, you’ll soon have the ability to syndicate your very own (already created) blogs about Copilot to the Community Blog, sharing your insights and stories with a broader audience. This means you can share your existing blogs in a whole new way with the Community! 


Keep an eye out for further updates as we get closer to the big day.


Get Ready to Share Your voice is what makes our community great. With the continued updates in the all-new forums and community blogs, you’ll have even more ways to express yourself, contribute to discussions, and help shape the future of Copilot Studio.


Stay tuned for more details and prepare to join us on this exciting journey to our updated Community experience.
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    eliotcole 4 on at
    Please Read for Updates on Forums & Blogs
    lol ... ai has *literally* taken over!
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    eliotcole 4 on at
    Please Read for Updates on Forums & Blogs

    Forum Doesn't Work ( cannot access anything other than copilot )

    This is all very great, but I have zero use for Copilot currently and (in what doesn't feel like a surprise in the slightest) I have been pushed to the Copilot subforum from the Power Automate Community registration links.
    Then after I've done all the registration ... all the other links here whilst seemingly different, redirect to the same Copilot subforum instead of my intended destination.
    I know that MS is desperate for people to engage with the C word ... but you don't need to force us. ;-)
    Basically; I have no recourse to discuss the subject that I have come here to discuss / help with / get help with / etc. ... and should be able to by the links provided ... thus the forum simply does not work.

    Forum Base

    If one uses just the url, that should (if I am reading it right) take me to the top of the tree, you are still redirected to land in the Copilot subforum:
    This is not usable for the three other reasons someone may come here.

    What that looks like

    Below is an image of that with no way to access the other forums.

    Posting A New Question

    This form simply does not work, either, there are no options to post to relevant communities.
    A brief glimpse of a form field for 'Community Site' does flash up, but it is then quickly hidden / removed by the page compositor.
    Unfortunately, this makes me lean toward thinking that this whole thing is a bit intentional.

    Power Platform Community Drop Down Links

    The links on the Community home page all ostensibly look like they point to the various community boards ... however they all redirect to the Copilot forum.
    Those links are:
    Each redirects back to the Copilot forum which only potentially as any relevancy, and that menu is pictured in the image below:
    Users have now been restricted from posting in our respective communities, which are now in 'Read Only - But with likes' mode. So posting here is not an option, and you should be way past this by this point in the new way of things.


    If this is just a temporary thing then ... fine ... but tell us. But I have also tested this in a degoogled, otherwise stock, chromium, as well as Firefox ... and it's not good.
    However, if my experience editing this post (seriously, it doesn't save drafts like it used to ... I lost ALL my text because I accidentally clicked outside the editing window) is anything to go by this place needs a lot of work.
    Right now, though, this community simply doesn't work.
    That is a shame, too, as it was heads and shoulders above any similar online resource that I'd used in the past up until now simply because of the community for that one specific area. However, to all intents and purposes, that community does not now exist.
    ... and I will be gosh darned if I will let a silly forum wonk force me down the silly ai 'c word' route. ;-)

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