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Hand-off to engagement hub

Posted on by 681

Has anyone in this community been able to connect PVA to an engagement hub to hand-off the conversation apart of Dynamics 365?


  • Re: Hand-off to engagement hub

    Hi @peterswimm, I'm trying to implement a hand off to a live agent custom hub (Genesys UI). I think I will need to implement a custom adapter to handle the conversation both ways. I didn't find much insight in the documentation. Do you have an idea about this topic or any contact that can help us.
    For the moment we are using Genesys UI guest webchat API with a websocket but we re blocked how to manage the websocket connection and so on as the only way to extend PVA is Power Automate or via Botframework composer.

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    fernandosilva 681 on at
    Re: Hand-off to engagement hub

    Hi @peterswimm ,


    I tried that, but it doesn't make sense to get another subscription in a platform like LivePerson that does everything already.


    I guess the Dynamics 365 Customer Service is the only option at the moment, but I'm still voting for the Microsoft Teams integration as a hub.




  • peterswimm Profile Picture
    peterswimm on at
    Re: Hand-off to engagement hub

    I know customers have used this to create handoffs to their hub of choice, such as LivePerson

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