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Several issues with skillbot

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I have created a skillbot that has a waterfall dialog that accepts somewhere along the steps: dynamic lists, attachments and location.

This skillbot is linked to a PVA via Skills: Action.

This is intended as a showcase the PVA extended abilities to wow the potential customers.

I have hit a few roadblocks:
The attachment portion is not working because the PVA blocks the attachments from reaching my skills with a "Could you tell me that using text? Currently, I do not process other kinds of inputs." Imho skills are intended to overcome the limitations of the PVA; is there a possibility to let them pass through to the skill? This works fine when addressing the skill directly with the bot emulator.

See attachments: when I deploy this PVA via Omnichannel Engagement Hub and try to engage with it via the chatwidget provided via PowerApps Portals I get the issue in attachment: "this card is currently not supported on this version of skype"(Herocard with vertically stacked card actions). In a direct to PVA deployment via Facebook channel this is working fine.

Is this something that can be addressed please. I'm happy to provide the codesamples if needed.

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    Thanks for your answer: I saw your answer already on another post: As I am using Facebook messenger to be more relatable to my customer base it does however not help me. My question is to let the attachment activity pass to my skill and let the skill(developer) decide what to do with it. As to Omnichannel issue it seems to me that this is an issue that touches both pva & omnichannel
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    Re: Several issues with skillbot

    @Anonymous - Thank you for using Power Virtual Agents! We're happy to offer you an offering that not only makes it easy and fun to build bots, but is extensible to meet your needs. I believe your requirements is centered around attachments support within Power Virtual Agents. I'll focus my reply on what's possible within Power Virtual Agents. For Omnichannel capabilities, please ask your question here.


    We allow customer to extend the canvas - see documentation here. One of the samples (location and file upload) we provide shows how to upload a file and send it to a bot to be leveraged in a Flow or Skill action - see code sample. The slight difference here is that you're first uploading the file to an Azure blob, getting a URL and sending the URL as a message to the bot to achieve the desired outcome.


    Hope this helps. Happy bot building!



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