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I'm new to power virtual agent. I noticed that within a Topic that I created, the 'Ask a Question' ellipses option of 'Skip Question' disappears if I use 'User's Entire Response'; it only shows the option to delete. 

However, if I change the data type to something else (e.g. Boolean), the 'Skip Question' option returns. 


Is this normal behavior?  


thanks. C.

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    cpierce33 2 on at
    Re: Power Virtual Agent



    I probably should have added that this is the Power Virtual Agent app within Teams. 


    The topic I've created asks the user for a service ticket number, then calls a power automate flow to query the ticket number, then returns basic info about the service ticket to the user. 


    At the end of the topic, the question is asked, "Would you like to lookup another ticket number?". On the 'Yes' node that follows, I have it connected back to the original question node that receives the service ticket number. However, it then proceeds to simply return the data from the first request instead of running a new query with the new ticket number. And there isn't an option on the question node to 'Ask every time'. 


    Maybe this is something unique to the Teams app? 


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    peterswimm on at
    Re: Power Virtual Agent

    This sounds intentional because the entire response indicates recording a raw response versus trying to identify a slot to be filled. What are you trying to do?

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