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How to drag to another node that is out of view and/or move nodes around

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This seems that it should be super basic but have not found any such discussions here nor found any videos mentioning this.  I am building an agent that is not all that big (so far just 10 visual levels as PVA has arranged them), but I cannot view it all at once unless I zoom out to a microscopic level (slight exaggeration!) and I cannot zoom out any further.  I want to make one path near the bottom to cycle back to a step that is far up higher in the total bot, but I cannot drag the little circle at the top of that node up to a node that is off-screen. When I drag it, the screen does not move to follow where I'm dragging.
QUESTION 1:  Is there either a way to do that, or is there some other method other than dragging to do this?

QUESTION 2: is there a way to slide the node around, to re-arrange them more to my liking?


I was successful once, but unfortunately, I dropped it in the wrong place!  Arrggh

Thank you in advance.

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    Kamrani on at
    Re: How to drag to another node that is out of view and/or move nodes around

    I was able to further zoom out using the browser zoom functionality. 

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    WillBeeSea 9 on at
    Re: How to drag to another node that is out of view and/or move nodes around

    Ah!  I got it, but am leaving the question for others who may have the same problem.  I was dragging just fine but when I reach the top of the visible screen on the browser I cannot keep dragging up above the visible part. When i drag up to the top but stayed INSIDE the Authoring canvas, then the screen DOES start scrolling after a couple seconds.  I guess I'm just not patient enough!  🙂

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