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Copilot studio api to list copilots and get their configuration

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I've created several copilots in our environment and we would like to obtain a list of them, along with the configuration of each, via an API. Is that supported? If so, I would prefer to perform these API HTTP requests using a servicePrincipal identity rather than a user identity.


For example: GET https://<some-microsoft-api-url>/listCopilots

I would greatly appreciate your help, whether it's possible or currently not.

Thank you.

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    yaiaim 2 on at
    Re: Copilot studio api to list copilots and get their configuration

    Thank you @MattJimison .

    My Web API Endpoint is: https://***

    When I try this (even with v9.1), I receive a 401 Unauthorized HTTP status. I assume there is some authentication process required on behalf of the servicePrincipal. Could you help with that, please?

    Are there any CURL examples for both authentication and querying those custom copilots?

    Thanks in advance.

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    MattJimison 488 on at
    Re: Copilot studio api to list copilots and get their configuration

    Hi, @yaiaim .


    Yes! You can use the Dataverse web api to get this information from the 'Bots' table.


    Here is an example 'get' query where you'd simply need to fill in your Environment Url:


    Here's more information on using the API:


    Here's a sample of what the results look like on the above query (remove the ?$select=name,authenticationmode and you'll be able to see all of the properties that are available)





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