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PVA Data Lookup

Posted on by 17

I want to create a chatbot for information services and check for goods order status in the procurement department. This chatbot will function as an information / helpdesk section. Can I create a chatbot that allows users to search the status of the order process by matching the transaction number with our OneDrive Excel Procurement Database (lookup) ?

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    hopefully someone will see this reply.  How are you passing the variable that is coming in from the PVA to the vlookup in the script field - I am stuck with that very thing.

  • Amran Profile Picture
    Amran 17 on at
    Re: PVA Data Lookup

    Thank you for your support.

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    CleberM on at
    Re: PVA Data Lookup

    Hi @Amran ,


    You need to have the "Return value(s) to Power Virtual Agents" block as the last item. That's the return block for the flow, which hands off the results to the bot.


    Can you try moving that to the end and try again?

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    Amran 17 on at
    Re: PVA Data Lookup

    i got this error message as well :




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    Amran Profile Picture
    Amran 17 on at
    Re: PVA Data Lookup

    Thanks for your enlightment,. i'm still new in this. what script do i use to call this power automate action? 




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    renatoromao Profile Picture
    renatoromao 6,459 on at
    Re: PVA Data Lookup

    Hi @Amran ,


    Yes, sure, you can do it!

    You can use the logic around the Power Automate following this video:


    Basically, you need to create a question inside the PVA topic that gets the order number to the user.

    When you get the order number, you can send the number to the Power Automate workflow like an input.

    Inside the Power Automate workflow, you can connect with the Excel file using the OneDrive connector:


    When you get the data from your Excel file, you can return to the PVA following my video and create a message inside the PVA topic to show the output variable.

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