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Am I using the trial or do I have a license?

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I was looking through my subscriptions and I saw that I have a Microsoft 365 Business Basic, and under that, it says that I have a Power Virtual Agents for Office 365, so I went ahead and created a PVA account.


However, when I checked my subscriptions again, it said that I had a PVA Viral Trial, so I am not sure if my Business Basic has PVA included, or if I will be charged when the Viral Trial ends.


If it is a trial, how may I find out when it ends? I saw on the Microsoft website that it would state the number of days left I have for the trial on the PVA website when I am building a chatbot, but I do not have that banner to inform me.


I have included a screenshot of my subscription, would be great if I could get some help on this! Thank you!


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    Re: Am I using the trial or do I have a license?

    Hi @jtcw ,


    Basically, we have two licenses:

    1. PVA for Office 365: It's included the PVA development within Microsoft Teams. When you are developing a bot using MS Teams, you are using this license.
    - Standard connectors (Power Automate)

    - Channel: MS Teams

    - Free license


    2. PVA for Web: When you want to develop a bot and publish it within and out of the Microsoft Teams, you will develop this chatbot. It's a premium license, it's not included within any license (Office 365, Business Basic, etc).

    - Premium connectors (Power Automate)

    - Bot Framework Composer

    - Channels: MS Teams, Website, Twilio, etc...

    - Premium license


    Trial: 60 days
    Get access to Power Virtual Agents - Power Virtual Agents | Microsoft Docs


    More details here: 

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