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PVA flow, linked to a Power Automate Action, goes back to previous questions

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Hi all,


I am creating a flow in PVA that is a mirror to a MS Form I have for our customers. The PVA will ask the customer questions, just like the form, and allow the customer to pick answers.

In my business I work for we break down areas of the business into Divisions, and that is broken down further into Business units.

So, the question flow is 

  • What is your Division
  • What is your business Unit

Depending on the Division, a new question appears (a separate one for each answer), a Business Unit is picked, it goes to another question and then continues.

At the end of the flow, I have an Action to send the data to a Power Automate flow.

What I have noticed is that:

  • the chat bot will go through the questions
  • On the division / business unit section it will go through 1 branch of the questions
  • It gets to the end where the Action block is
  • and then heads back to the other questions that was originally skipped.


For the Action block / Power Automate, I am collecting all the variables from the chatbot into the same power automate flow.

It seems to me that, an Action block NEEDS to have all variables completed before it can be actioned. Is that correct?

I feel that if a question has been skipped, the PVA shouldn't go back to the question just to fill a variable in the Action block.


Below is an example of how the Questions look in PVA - excluding the rest of the PVA flow 


  • Rablake Profile Picture
    Rablake 20 on at
    Re: PVA flow, linked to a Power Automate Action, goes back to previous questions

    Hi @peterswimm 
    Thanks for the response, your advice has answered my question. So, it looks like I need to create 3 different branches, with questions and 3 different power automate flows.

  • Verified answer
    peterswimm Profile Picture
    peterswimm on at
    Re: PVA flow, linked to a Power Automate Action, goes back to previous questions

    Yes you need to have all the vars filled before the flow call, your screenshot is hard to read can you post a larger one, or a link to a full-size version of it?

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