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PVA For Teams - Power Automate Authentication

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I have successfully built a QnA bot using PVA for Teams. Now I am adding some smarts to it by making call to Power Automate flows. Just simple thing, like send messages to teams channels and perform AAD  user lookups. That all works fine. But when I published the PVA topics with the new flows, I notice the flows are suing my user account, not the user account of the user talking to the PVA Team bot.  So when a bot topics makes a call to the flow for posting a Teams message it looks like the message is coming from my account. Is this a) expected behaviour and cannot be change, b) best achieved by building the whole PVA Teams bot using a service account, or is there a way to get the flow to use the active user's credentials?

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    Re: PVA For Teams - Power Automate Authentication

    Hi @gmh,


    a) Yes, today we have a limitation to run only in the flow connections account and not for the user context.

    But we have a planned feature to fix it: Run flow connectors as the user - Power Platform Release Plan | Microsoft Docs


    b) It's a good idea to run as a service account, better than to use your account. You can open the current workflow, and change the connections on the ellipses, adding a new one.

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