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Bot cannot Process Topics because of Case Sensitive

Posted on by 63

Hi All,


I tried to create a topic, where my bot would response to some greetings, but it seems the bot cannot process the phrase due to case sensitive reason.


Here is my example... I simply create a topic to respon a greeting "Selamat Pagi" with "Selamat Pagi Juga", but the bot couldn't process the phrase if the input is "selamat pagi".


Is there any tips or trick so that the bot could ignore case sensitive?



Alvin Susanto

  • Re: Bot cannot Process Topics because of Case Sensitive

    hello @alvinsusanto ,


    I have the same problem as you but I use the dutch language. maybe this confirms your suspicion.


    with kind regards,

    jorno sittrop

  • alvinsusanto Profile Picture
    alvinsusanto 63 on at
    Re: Bot cannot Process Topics because of Case Sensitive

    Hi @RezaDorrani ,


    I notice something... It seems the ignorance of case sensitivity is only applicable for a topic that uses English language.

    Could you try to confirm this by creating topics in non English language?



    Alvin Susanto

  • RezaDorrani Profile Picture
    RezaDorrani 12,136 on at
    Re: Bot cannot Process Topics because of Case Sensitive

    Hi @alvinsusanto 


    I did notice that if you include a combination of upper and lower case in your topic names, it does pick up case insensitive


    My scenario topic trigger phrase  - "Create Teams"  works

    event if I try "Create teaMS for me"


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