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Identify a Teams user by chatbot

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Deployed a chatbot on Teams, user interacts with the chatbot. Teams users must log in (organisation, internal) to get to any MS facility including Teams of course. 

How to identify the user (capture user's identity such as user account, or names information in the user profile) who is taking the chatbot services in PVA domain (chat with the chatbot)?

Below screen capture may be clear, as in the transcript report, showing User

Who is the user? (without asking them again, since implicitly, the information is avaiable somewhere as the user must have logged in)




  • Re: Identify a Teams user by chatbot

    Greetings Henry James

    First of all, may I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous year of 2023!

    Perhaps I didn't pay attention to the platform/system environment that I am on. I further searched the community forum and found the below link addressing my issue SO LONG AS I had set my bot be "Authenticate on Teams only". Then there are variable: bot.UserDisplayName that I could use to further get the current log-in user's profile.

    Getting User Details To Use In Power Virtual Agents In Teams (


    Separately, when attempting your above solution, I came across another weird issue (to me) that I shall create another post for getting help. It's regarding some steps in a topic didn't get executed when it's called again. 

    Appreciate your insight.

    Many thanks!


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    Re: Identify a Teams user by chatbot

    I don't think this is possible in PVA for Teams unless you explicitly use the out-of-the-box bot.UserDisplayName (i.e. the user full name) or the bot.UserId (i.e. the Azure Active Directory Object Id) variables as part of the conversation.



    Even in the 'full' version of Power Virtual Agents, the 'from' id that can be retrieved from Conversation Transcripts records in Dataverse (a feature that isn't available for Dataverse for Teams bots), is hashed before being written to the transcript for security and privacy considerations.

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