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Variable not visible in the same topic, different steps

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I have built a copilot, where i ask user for Type of Leave, and as you can see in the picture below, in this step the variable is visible:


But two steps lower, where I want to pass that variable to Power Automate, it is not visible:


This is a string variable, so the type matches Power Automate expectations. It was visible before, not sure what happened.


Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Variable not visible in the same topic, different steps

    Hi Miljana,


    I've been having the same issue too which only started happening when I started working on CoPilot rather than the classic Chatbots from PVA. 


    The fix I've found is as follows:
    - Click on the variable that is not visible

    - Change 'Usage' to Global


    - It should now be visible in the list of variables, select it in the field you want it to be active.

    - Then switch it back to a topic variable if you don't want it to remain as a global variable. 

    - It should now be nested in the action and will automatically change to a topic variable.


    Please let me know if this helps :). Hopefully Microsoft realizes this error soon!

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