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No Generative AI answers from public website URLs

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Hello Friends
I am creating a very simple copilot to provide information about libraries and understand the two level deep rule. These are public facing websites with info on each screen. But I cannot get any info back at all from my searches.


I also have the Gen AI button switched to on and published the copilot and am fully licensed.

Can anyone help me please. Thanks. Mark

  • fwfutures Profile Picture
    fwfutures 6 on at
    Re: No Generative AI answers from public website URLs

    I'm also facing this issue, spoke to MS support (one of their vendors), but they have multiple similar tickets open, and when then escalate it is sounds like there is no more info available. 


    I've tried following all the tips on this forum also, to no avail.   (use a US environment, try the "classic data" open ai connection, try the functions in the connection parameters, make sure gen AI is switched on etc) 


    If any of the devs look at this topic, here is the snapshot, hopefully we will get a resolution soon! 



    // added XXXX to mask some ids
     "type": "message",
     "id": "9a2417c9-3a63-4018-9366-2ea312ff789b",
     "timestamp": "2024-05-27T05:35:10.518Z",
     "channelId": "pva-studio",
     "from": {
     "id": "3e482eea-c681-XXXX-XXXX-74828b31d71c/f0f328a6-XXXX-XXXX-840a-6045bd09a346",
     "name": "crbac_freshwaterFuturesUs",
     "role": "debug"
     "conversation": {
     "id": "bea2afc5-a7d9-46e0-ab6b-59482496d1a0"
     "recipient": {
     "id": "cb068381-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-3d6c85d60659",
     "aadObjectId": "cb068381-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-3d6c85d60659",
     "role": "user"
     "membersAdded": [],
     "membersRemoved": [],
     "reactionsAdded": [],
     "reactionsRemoved": [],
     "locale": "en-US",
     "attachments": [],
     "entities": [],
     "replyToId": "c1-72084095-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-2876fe86d82f",
     "value": {
     "endpoints": [
     "queryRewrittingOpenAIResponse": null,
     "summarizationOpenAIResponse": null,
     "searchResults": [],
     "verifiedSearchResults": [],
     "searchErrors": [],
     "message": "tell me about freshwater futures",
     "screenedMessage": null,
     "rewrittenMessage": null,
     "rewrittenMessageKeywords": null,
     "filteredOpenAISummary": null,
     "screenedOpenAISummary": null,
     "activityId": "c1-72084095-420a-4a44-a486-2876fe86d82f",
     "conversationId": "bea2afc5-a7d9-46e0-ab6b-59482496d1a0",
     "performedContentProvenanceCheck": false,
     "performedContentModerationCheck": false,
     "cdsBotId": "f0f328a6-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-6045bd09a346",
     "tenantId": "fbc0ff2c-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-f6278955fe8c",
     "environmentId": "3e482eea-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-74828b31d71c",
     "gptAnswerState": "No Search Results",
     "triggeredGptFallback": false,
     "completionState": "NoSearchResults"
     "name": "GenerativeAnswersSupportData",
     "listenFor": [],
     "textHighlights": [],
     "channelData": {
     "webchat:sequence-id": 12
     "text": "No Search Results"



    Cluster environment: Prod
    Cluster category: FirstRelease
    Cluster geo name: US
    Cluster URI suffix:
    Solution version: 2024.4.4.14480487
    Client details:
    MCS UX version: 0.0.20240523.2-2404.2-prod
    MCS Platform version: 2024.5.1.4609
    User agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36
  • Will5 Profile Picture
    Will5 12 on at
    Re: No Generative AI answers from public website URLs

    I have the same issue, problem started late afternoon 22 May. Nothing was changed from our side. Conversational boosting is no longer reading any public sites. Hopefully a Bing issues as mentioned that will be resolved soon. Thanks all

  • nicox Profile Picture
    nicox 104 on at
    Re: No Generative AI answers from public website URLs

    I have been trying to solve it, I thought my links were broken which is unlikely because it worked before the new UI.

    Thank you @MarkLennon01 for posting it here.

  • alex-gelman Profile Picture
    alex-gelman 6 on at
    Re: No Generative AI answers from public website URLs

    I've also encountered this issue, it cannot find anything on public websites
    Tried using both the new knowledge bases and the classic data methods.


    Edit: Bing seems to be having issues which is probably the cuase

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