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Bot hangs when it locates several topics with similar triggers.

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The bot we are building in Copilot Studio hangs/freezes when the Bot finds several topics with similar triggers.


In the past, if our bot found multiple topics which might match the query, the bot would respond with the list of the possible topic matches and ask the user to select one.


If we change the triggers to eliminate any possibility of confusion, the bot locates and selects the correct topic.


Has anyone seen this type of behavior?

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    Re: Bot hangs when it locates several topics with similar triggers.

    Update:  We found what was causing this issue and also found a work-around.


    We had originally built a Topic which included a "Question" that would be used to locate the next topic.  The answer to the Question was saved as a global variable (so the answer could be used later).


    The problem turned out to be the Question.  It appears the bot won't search for topics matching the answer to a "Question".


    Our work-around in this situation was to delete the Question and re-write it as a Message.  In order to capture the response to the Message, we added a Set Variable function where we set the global variable to Activity.Text (see attached screen shot).


    Now that we collect the information we need from a Message instead of a Question, the Bot is working as expected and providing a list of Topics related to the response typed by the user.

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