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Calling Actions from Copilot Studio

Licensing for flows invoked via virtual agents

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Hey all,

I'm hoping to get some clarification on flow licensing before I begin to develop part of an agent I'm building.

The virtual agent will look to call flows (actions), and preferably i'd like to use premium connectors (CDS) with those (can resort to SharePoint if need be).
Business users who will look to talk to this agent are for the most part on office 365 licenses, without the premium per flow or per user plans.
It would seem then that when a business user gets to a point in the agent dialogue that looks to invoke this flow, they will be unable to do so (or just upfront the user won't be able to use the agent), as users need premium plans for flows with premium connectors.

Am I correct in thinking this?
Is there a way for these business users to use the agent with flows that require the premium plans?
With PVA invoked flows there are exceptions like being able to invoke an unlimited number of flows, but i'm guessing the premium part inherent to the flow still holds. related to the idea below:

"Flows called by PVA's do not count towards licensing restrictions in the Power Automate platform but integrations from Power Automate to Power Virtual Agents do".

Under the PVA section, see

Your help is much appreciated.



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    muscat382 6 on at
    Re: Licensing for flows invoked via virtual agents

    @mivakoc , ahhh fantastic! thank you very much

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    Re: Licensing for flows invoked via virtual agents

    Hi @muscat382  in your case the flow is running with the connection of the author so that matters in this case is the license of the maker. Since you have a valid Power Virtual Agents license, the users will be able to run the flows even if it includes premium connectors and they don't have a license allowing premium connectors. 

    Let me know if any further clarification is needed. 


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