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How do I display an image in my chatbot?

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I can display a URL that points to an image but I want the image itself to appear in the chatbot.  If the users asks "Which button will show me my results" I want the response to be a picture showing him which button, not a link to show him the same image.  What's the trick?

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    Re: How do I display an image in my chatbot?

    Did you watch the video?  towards the end of the video she takes you through an example step by step.  Essentially,

    1) Call a Power Automate Flow using Call an action in the bot

    2) In the flow create a string using the markdown language that has a hyperlink that points to the image on a publicly accessible web URL.  The key is that the image has to be in location that doesn't require authentication.

    3) Return that string to the bot

    4) Display the URL variable in the bot.  it will automatically download and display the image.

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    Re: How do I display an image in my chatbot?

    Does anybody have a doc or tutorial that explains this in simple terms?  I have an elaborate chatbot but only because the interface to create one makes it so easy - no real programming.  I'm no programmer and some of the lingo in how to do this means nothing to me. But - I can follow along with good examples to get what i need.  We're an NGO and don't have money to hire someone for this.  Thanks all around.


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    Re: How do I display an image in my chatbot?

    The image has to be hosted on a Publicly accessible URL.  Then you can return the URL from a Power Automate flow and the bot will download and display the image in a message.  Here's a short video walkthrough.  Returning an image as a message - Power Platform Community (

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