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Building a chatbot which gives a site's address from an excel sheet based on user input.

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Hello all,


I'm brand new to this and would like to know how would one make a chat bot that would output an address of a location site based on the user input then send it to their e-mail. For example. The user would ask the bot for the location address of "Bloodbank". The bot uses the term and searches in the excel sheet for a value BloodBank. If it finds a match, it will grab the address from a cell or row with the address information and show it to the user. It will proceed to ask the user if they would like the details sent to their e-mail address and if so, it will send them the details to said address.


How would one design the bot to do this?

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    Re: Building a chatbot which gives a site's address from an excel sheet based on user input.

    The key here is to understand two things.

    1) The task of searching the Excel sheet and sending the email will be handled by flows that are triggered by the bot.

    2) The values returned by the flow to a bot are always strings, but there is a markdown language that can be used to create things like hyperlinks.  This article discusses the markdown language that is used by Power Automate and PVA.  Use markdown to format Power Automate approvals - Power Automate | Microsoft Learn


    1. So the basic steps would be to setup topics to capture the keyword to be searched for.
    2. Call a Flow to search the Excel table for the keyword and return the URL when found or a message that it wasn't found
    3. Ask a follow-up question about sending an email
    4. Call a flow to send the details to the user's email.

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