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Retrieve UserName from Bot

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My Organization has Office 365.  I'm trying to get the user's name from Virtual Agent on my webpage without having the user enter their name.  I can't seem to find a solution

  • JulioC Profile Picture
    JulioC 6 on at
    Re: Retrieve UserName from Bot

    Hi @BatInDaCave,

    Did you manage to solve the problem?

    I have the same problem.

  • BatInDaCave Profile Picture
    BatInDaCave 25 on at
    Re: Retrieve UserName from Bot

    Totally agree with what @Yoghurt  said.


    the purpose is to avoid user to enter their name during the conversation, instead, they now get a login window to enter their email and password. #Counterproductive. 

  • Yoghurt Profile Picture
    Yoghurt 12 on at
    Re: Retrieve UserName from Bot

    It sounds weird. If I'd make a bot for a Teams channel, why there is another authentication needed? And image how could I add an app to azure ad at a big enterprise...

  • Verified answer
    renatoromao Profile Picture
    renatoromao 6,762 on at
    Re: Retrieve UserName from Bot

    Hi @MillerNation ,


    You need to implement the Authentication to connect in Office 365:


    If you like this reply, please give kudos. And if this solves your problem, please accept this reply as the solution.

    Renato Romão



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