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Is there a release timeline for more languages? Mostly intrested in swedish
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    4LB3r7 on at
    Re: Languages

    @Anonymous there is a way to achieve your goal.

    1. Create a new topic, such as "my greeting", add your own triggering phrases. Add your messages in this topic.

    2. Update the system topic "greeting", delete all the existing nodes. add a step to go to your "my greeting" topic.

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    Avalaxy 11 on at
    Re: Languages

    @ggupta any update on when it will support other languages? Also, will it be possible to have the bot support multiple languages, and switch between them (e.g., asking the user in which language they want to use the bot, and maybe adding language detection to do that)?

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    Gitika Gupta on at
    Re: Languages

    At GA, we will be changing the Greeting topic to have only a handful of trigger phrases (5 or less), but you won't be able to add/change them since these are system topics.

    You can still change the dialog tree itself (the content of the topic). Does that help?

  • Re: Languages
    How come the greeting topics are unchangeable? Most of the functionality is there otherwise for any language. If those hardcoded topics where changeable it would be usable for other languages right now, or am I missing something?
  • Gitika Gupta Profile Picture
    Gitika Gupta on at
    Re: Languages

    Additional languages is on our roadmap and we'll keep the forum posted on when you can expect additional langs.

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