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Get answers from a txt or docx file saved in onedrive

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Hello community.

I have been trying to figure out this thing. But it has been almost impossible.


Can I develop a chat bot where the user ask for a question and the bot look in a document or text file and retrieve possible answers? Please no premium.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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    sajarac 3,243 on at
    Re: Get answers from a txt or docx file saved in onedrive

    Hey @nikviz , Thank you very much for your prompt response. Great post BTW.

    Sadly premium stuff always is a limitation.

    But many many thanks for this.


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    nikviz 242 on at
    Re: Get answers from a txt or docx file saved in onedrive

    You can try one of these 3 methods


    1) You can store your question and corresponding answer in an excel in one drive. When user asks a question build a logic using power automate to look into the excel and pull the corresponding answer.

    However, this will work if the user asks the exact wordings as you will have it in your question sheet (as this is a regular expression match).

    Or Instead of questions, have key word phrases which are comma separated or in array and use "contains" logic to pull the corresponding answer.

    2) Consider each question as a Topic and create a topic with trigger words which user may ask and spawn an answer.

    The problem with this would be if there are too many questions, you would have to create that many topics.

    3) Build an AI model (NLP) using BERT/SBERT/ChatGPT where your entire Q&A corpus is trained. When the user asks a question, your AI model is called and based on the word similarity your answer is returned.

    I have written on how to implement this here: 

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