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How to make the Chatbot send email

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Hello Everyone,


I am using Power virtual agent for the first time and I created IT Chatbot, Now I need the chatbot to ask the user for an email address , and then the Chatbot will send an email to that email address provided by the user. 


Can you please show me the steps to do that , and if you have any document or video that can help ? 


Thank you all

  • zafarshamsi Profile Picture
    zafarshamsi 46 on at
    Re: How to make the Chatbot send email

    is that possible if we want bot response in chat email for example?


    You asked bot for write an email to boss for annual leaves and bot draft email for you now you want to send this response to your outlook email or directly to boss.

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    Engsoso2089 7 on at
    Re: How to make the Chatbot send email

    Thanks a lot ! it worked like a charm

  • Verified answer
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    Expiscornovus 1,667 on at
    Re: How to make the Chatbot send email

    Hi @Engsoso2089,


    Below is an example.


    First create the Power Automate flow.


    1. Add a Power Virtual Agents trigger action. Add a text input, call that EmailAddress.


    2. Add a Send an email (V2) action. Use the EmailAddress field in the To field of the action.


    3. Add a Return value(s) to Power Virtual Agents action. Add a Result text output. Set a message which you can use to confirm to the user the e-mail has been sent.




    Power Virtual Agent setup.


    1. Create a new topic in a bot. Call it Email. Add a trigger phrase like E-mail me. Save your topic and go to the authoring canvas.


    2. Add a Question like 'What is your preferred e-mail to use?'. Use the user's entire response. Save that response in a variable like VarEmail.


    3. Add a Call Action. Connect it to the flow we created earlier. Make sure you map the VarEmail to the EmailAddress input variable from the flow.


    4. Add a Show message. Use the output result variable to show the confirm message to the user.





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