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Generative AI Formula for Data Sources

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In a "create generative answers" node, I saw that in the classic data sources there is the option of manually inputting links to Sharepoint or public websites, and there is also the option to use a Power Fx formula. I have been trying to use a Power Fx formula so that I can use a variable to detemine where the data source is pointing, but so far I have not been able to find a formula that works. The formula I was trying is


Table( [""] )


and other things similar. If anyone knows how to do this properly, or even just how to use a variable for my data source, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    lgera2187 11 on at
    Re: Generative AI Formula for Data Sources

    I've solved it. The issue was the link I was using and not the formula. I was pointing to a Sharepoint site page (aspx) and not the actual sharepoint. The formula I'm using now is


    and it seems to work just fine. I imagine adding more sites to the table will work too.

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    lgera2187 11 on at
    Re: Generative AI Formula for Data Sources

    The issue is it expects the data source to be in a Table format. If you use a string it gives and Invalid Type error

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    Umianta 272 on at
    Re: Generative AI Formula for Data Sources

    Hi @lgera2187 

    1.  Assign the data source name to the variable 



    2. then assign that variable to the Generative answer in Fx formula




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