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Chatbot icon missing in teams

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We have had our PVA chatbot running in Teams successfully for a few months now. 
We have run into an issue with our bot in Teams which does not have a clear and obvious solution (at least to us). 


Our chatbot logo is missing and does not appear for our users despite being present in PVA both under Manage > Details and Channels > Teams

Any suggestions on how this can be resolved? 
We have tried removing the logo from both Manage > Details and Channels > Teams and reuploading and publishing again, but it has not resolved the issue. 

PVA Chatbot issue.png

  • Imvika Profile Picture
    Imvika 5 on at
    Re: Chatbot icon missing in teams

    Same problem here

    We are continuously working with Microsoft support, but without any result (we have 2000+ users, and it became a big problem).

  • MarkusU Profile Picture
    MarkusU 15 on at
    Re: Chatbot icon missing in teams

    Unfortunately, no. We've tried a few different things - It does seem to appear for some users in the company, but not for all. We've tried to upload it in various multiple file sizes to test, and it does not seem to make a difference. Also tried to ensure the file is not uploaded from a OneDrive location. No luck making it present for everyone. It's a bit dissapointing that this is still an issue. 

    One thing that might also be affecting this is the light/dark/high contrast mode in teams as for some users the logo is much darker than it should be. One solution to that problem is to first switch to high contrast mode and then back to either light or dark mode. 

  • yalquorashy Profile Picture
    yalquorashy 4 on at
    Re: Chatbot icon missing in teams

    Yes I'm currently facing the same issue, have you found a solution?

  • renatoromao Profile Picture
    renatoromao 6,459 on at
    Re: Chatbot icon missing in teams

    Hi @MarkusU ,


    In this case, I recommend you to raise a ticket to Microsoft Support, they can investigate it behind the scenes.


    This issue may be an internal issue or something like that.

    Raise your ticket here: Support | Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

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