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Error code: 2003

Posted on by 25



All of a sudden my bot isn't functioning, the error message is like this:


Sorry, the bot can't talk for a while. It's something the bot's owner needs to address. Error code: 2003. Conversation ID: 3rKd07sS0WJCbp0qkCg5rU-l. Time (UTC): 8/5/2021 7:03:18 AM.


The flows are working fine, I just can't start any conversation with the bot.


Hoping that someone can help.



  • Re: Error code: 2003

    I have the same issue but it's basically trying to send an email.  I already added the sender to our Mimecast whitelist so, the error is not with blocking the IP.


    Basically, our flow is asking for an email address, subject, and description to send an email to an external system.


    Any idea?

  • Re: Error code: 2003

    Same issue here, I am sure it has to do with a date field in Excel coming back as the Power Automate (text) but not sure how to fix it.

  • ev00 Profile Picture
    ev00 5 on at
    Re: Error code: 2003

    We also have the same Error Code 2003 bot cant talk, is only triggering on a Flow pulling user details (same as Rays message above (User details to PVA) - has been working across multiple topics for months, began error overnight. 


    have tried multiple variations of removing and adding however given it was working, and multiple other users reporting same .. 🤔




  • Rey_Ganado Profile Picture
    Rey_Ganado 25 on at
    Re: Error code: 2003

    Hi, I just recreate the flow and it worked again.

  • BlueKangaroo Profile Picture
    BlueKangaroo 4 on at
    Re: Error code: 2003

     We're having the same issue on 2 of our bots.

    It was working fine yesterday and but just today the bot fails with that same error.

    If you remove the flow that checks the users profile (to return their first name, email, title) etc. then it works fine without the error.

    So the error appears to be related to the Get/Search Profile flow.


    I have tried recreating a new flow with the same steps as shown on this page but it still returns the same 2003 error:


    Any ideas?

  • bbtt Profile Picture
    bbtt 8 on at
    Re: Error code: 2003

    Hello can you share your variables I solved my problem

  • cyang Profile Picture
    cyang on at
    Re: Error code: 2003

    Started getting the same error on my bot.  Haven't changed a thing.   No error on the automate flow.  Any updates on this?

  • bbtt Profile Picture
    bbtt 8 on at
    Re: Error code: 2003

    Hello did you get this error fix I'm having the same error went to sleep working wake up it is not working

  • Rey_Ganado Profile Picture
    Rey_Ganado 25 on at
    Re: Error code: 2003

    @fchopo . When I tried to edit the flow, it says that the flow was deleted.


    Here are the details:

    Server/Client Correlation ID: 2551a743-c83d-488b-8ff0-755f8cfd1df3
    x-ms-client-request-id (Client->Backend Request Header): 4751d538-fefa-49ae-ab17-8e40-3ff4d7ce
    x-ms-correlation-request-id (Backend Response Header): 59f3aa2e-dd94-4b58-9b25-a2a72d7dba72
    Error: Could not find flow '5264fba9-80f9-eb11-94ef-0022485820bc'.

  • Rey_Ganado Profile Picture
    Rey_Ganado 25 on at
    Re: Error code: 2003

    Hi @fchopo. I followed the method discussed here.

    The flow returns the data pertaining to the user who chatted on the bot.

    Like I said, everything is working fine for a couple of months. It's just recently that this error occured. I haven't changed my flow ever since.

    Can you suggest another flow that can get the user profile that I can try?

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