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PVA send email during testing

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I am just learning about PVA. So far kind of fun, small little challenges. I have made a few mini bots that don't do a lot. I am working on one where the users would enter their names, email and phone number. I got the variables, correct and working. Checked by adding in display message and added those variables output. Next part was to get it into email and send out. I added the work flow, added the email, added the work flow inputs. I saved it all. Then on the bot I ran through testing and it "worked" but I didn't get email with the information. I went back to power apps, looked at the work flow for the email. It shows as running successfully. The email is set to send to me for testing. I have checked spam folder and message trace and not seeing it. So my question is during testing will it email out the test? I would think it would cause the connection is there. 

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    Re: PVA send email during testing

    Glad you figured it out.  But what I had been asking for was the run results from #4, not the definition.  The run results would show green check marks for which actions completed just like the PVA test does.

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    Re: PVA send email during testing

    I am sorry for wasting everyone's time. I completely forgot that I have mailbox rule in place. I looked in the folder that the rule points too and the tests are there. 

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    When I look at the 28 day run history, the last one that ran says status succeeded. Here is run done of what I have set up.



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    Re: PVA send email during testing

    Did you check the flow run to see if the send email action executed and all the values were what you expected?  Flows are called during testing and if the flow is set to send an email then the email should be sent.  Can you show a screenshot of the flow that ran?

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