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Chat Bot with VLookup Function in Excel

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I am trying to create a chat bot with PVA which uses a excel spreadsheet and its vlookup function. My goal is that the user tells the chat bot an old account number which is used for the vlookup function to find the new account number which is returned to the user. 


Do you have any ideas how I can do this? Any help is appreciated as it is my first time working with PVA. 



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    AllysonMuller 3 on at
    Re: Chat Bot with VLookup Function in Excel

    Hi Diego!


    Thank you very much for your help!


    I used your guide to build this flow, but may you kindly help in what we should do in case of a non existent ID is typed by user. I would like to create a rule, in case user input is not find in the excel, bot answer the data wasn't find.





    Thank you again,


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    DiegoPeres 327 on at
    Re: Chat Bot with VLookup Function in Excel

    Hi @philipp17 

    In this case, you have to use Power Automate to perform this query.

    I did it here in my DEV environment, here are the details of how you need to build the solution.

    Table in Excel


    Flow In Power Automate


    Topic in PVA




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