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Power Virtual Agents - Chatbots Topics

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I just joined this awesome movement of code-free chat bots.


I am attempting to feed my chatbot information we have on our support site.


I gave it the link and I keep receiving an error about the link being wrong.


Now when I browse to topics -> suggested the page loads indefinitely and I cannot see anything there, like so:




When I try to add, for example, a C# documentation reference from Microsoft's website/docs, it adds, but It doesn't actually display.





I would also like to understand the AI side of this more and request a link to some docs etc. that I can read through for guidance.


The goal is for the bot to learn from our support system, or some database of this data and teach itself responses based on history etc.


Am I on the right track? Some guidance would be great!




De Wet.


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    arbitrary 9 on at
    Re: Power Virtual Agents - Chatbots Topics

    Hi @renatoromao 


    Thank you greatly for your prompt and informative reply.


    I've spent a great deal of my time going through this documentation you linked and trying to understand what exactly it is I need when it comes to pricing etc.


    As for the errors and issues with the Virtual Power Agents, they remain unsolved sadly.


    Can you help me understand exactly what Microsoft means by "Per App" and "Per User" plans for the Power Apps pricing?


    To my understanding:


    The Power Apps per app plan is used when you want to give a single user access to an app. Now this means what exactly?


    1.) I have access to one AI Builder, one Flow at a time?


    2.) I have access to what exactly when it says "App".


    I don't want to get the most expensive high end version if I don't need it.


    Further, regarding the chatbot again, I see all the options you listed seem external and not natively integrated with Teams.


    Is there no official AI/ML component (for example Azure) that I can just do everything at one place, fully integrated and I simply can login and build the flows based on the data etc.


    I've been looking more and more into Azure and I am trying to understand this massive architecture of Microsoft but there is a lot of information to take in and some guidance is really needed on my side.


    Apologies for my jumping around in my reply and sounding confused.


    I am a combination of excited, overwhelmed and confused at this stage.


    Thank you so much again for taking the time to respond to me properly.

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    DiegoPeres 327 on at
    Re: Power Virtual Agents - Chatbots Topics

    Hello, @arbitrary.

    Welcome to the community!🤝

    Power Virtual Agents unfortunately have some limitations, but it can connect to several tools that make it even more powerful.
    To use AI, you have several options and you can study the one that best fits your environment.

    A positive point is that we have many documents related to Power Platform, both for PVA, PA, PowerAPPS, PBI, I leave some links that I think you will like:

    Initial link PVA documentation:


    Use Microsoft Bot Framework:

    Use advanced artificial intelligence:


    I hope these documents help you, and once again welcome!


    Did I answer your question?😉
    Please consider accepting it as the solution to help other members find you faster.

    Like my answer?

    Like it! 👍

    Diego Peres,
    Connect with me: Linkedin


  • Verified answer
    renatoromao Profile Picture
    renatoromao 6,459 on at
    Re: Power Virtual Agents - Chatbots Topics

    Hi @arbitrary ,


    First of all, welcome to the PVA community! 🙂


    You can get suggested topics using public websites and documents, but you need to follow some requirements:

    - Public content

    - Structure following the FAQ

    Documentation: Get topic suggestions from online content - Power Virtual Agents | Microsoft Docs


    You can see one template here: Power Apps and Power Automate licensing FAQs - Power Platform | Microsoft Docs


    Also, if you want to teach your bot to learn things, only PVA bots are not enough and not the best tool because you have some limitations because you need to parameterized everything. But you can connect:

    - PVA with Bot Framework/Bot Framework Composer

    - PVA with QnA Maker

    - PVA with Luis

    - PVA with Azure Cognitive Services


    In these cases, you can have a powerful bot using Power Virtual Agents.


    (it's my suggestion in my experience developing bots with AI)

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