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Delay on call coming from chat widget

Posted on by 681

Hi there,


We are using the Dynamics 365 Customer Service Chat Widget connected to PVA for a week now and I noticed that the user needs to wait more than a minute till the call appears on the Agent screen.


Question 1:

How to speed up the call from chat to Agent?


Question 2:

Why that is happening?




  • fernandosilva Profile Picture
    fernandosilva 681 on at
    Re: Delay on call coming from chat widget

    @Monkeyman ,


    That's not the case I'm afraid.

    There is only one queue and a fallback queue with the same agents.

    It my case the user have to wait quite a while and the agents are not receiving the pop up call after a minute the user call.

    The queue is set straight away to the agents and I have 4 at the moment waiting for the calls.

  • Monkeyman Profile Picture
    Monkeyman 212 on at
    Re: Delay on call coming from chat widget

    Are there multiple people logged into Omnichannel for Customer Service at the same time?


    If so, then it would also depend on how you are routing chats to agents, but the chat may be going to another one of the available agents before going to the one you expect. 

    To test this, I would ask everyone to log out of Omnichannel, leave one user logged in, and then initiate a chat and see what happens. 

    if I have solved this question please mark this reply as accepted solution. 

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