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Fallback Topic is triggering after Conversational Boosting generates an answer.

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Since the UI was modernised recently, my fallback topic has started triggering even when the Conversational Boosting Topic creates an answer using the Create generative answers step.

I can't say for sure if this is related to the recent changes, but I can't seem to figure out a way to stop it fallback Topic from triggering when the answer is created. 
My guess is that it has something to do with the fact that both Topics are via 'On Unknown Intent' but changing the priority doesn't do anything. So I assume that I will need to set the Answer variable to something, though this was automatic beforehand.

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    Re: Fallback Topic is triggering after Conversational Boosting generates an answer.

    Thanks, @Umianta 

    Creating a new copilot did indeed remove the issue of it answering it but still saying it couldn't answer the question. However, for those that have put more time into their copilots than I initially had and didn't want to recreate them, here was another solution that me and a colleague put together to remove the issue without recreating your already established copilot:



    It would seem that the main issue was that it was going to the Fallback topic even if the conversational boosting topic found an answer. The System.FallbackCount returned as 0 when we got an answer generated but if it was unable to find an answer it would be 1 or more depending on how many attempts it tried to find an answer via the user rephrasing their prompt.

    So to resolve this (as seen in the topic screenshot above), we added nested conditions to handle the instances that it would have the answer (System.FallbackCount = 0) and when it couldn't find an answer (System.FallbackCount not 0). The additional checks based on FallbackCount are simply to allow for an alternative text being returned after so many attempts.

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    Umianta 294 on at
    Re: Fallback Topic is triggering after Conversational Boosting generates an answer.

    Hi @JaseOfSpades 


    recently attempted similar steps with generative answers and did not encounter this issue.

    Please try creating a new Chatbot and check again. Additionally, you can end the execution by adding an End Topic/End Conversation node.


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