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Multi Adaptive Card picklist ?

Posted on by 26

Hi all, 


I'm looking to way of showing a list of multi adaptive cards like this 




It's like a picklist where you can select adaptive cards listed dynamically


Is that possible ?


  • Viswav Profile Picture
    Viswav 94 on at
    Re: Multi Adaptive Card picklist ?

    Hi, I tried this but how do I extract the option the user the submitted to be used in a condition next?



  • JM78 Profile Picture
    JM78 26 on at
    Re: Multi Adaptive Card picklist ?


    I didn't had the time to reply but i've made a test and adapted your exemple to our need and it work 🙂


    In my case, i've creted the JSON structure via a Power Automate and sent the content as a reponse to PVA. 

    I've changed the adaptive card to in order to add some other attributes and replace those base 64 img by url's and finished by replacing the open URL action by a Submit action because i wanted to subscribe to an event by selecting him and clicking to "Subscribe". In my case i'm getting the ouput of the submit action as a variable to do the rest of my topic. 


    So here's the importante part of my P. Automate





    On my PVA Event topic






    Result : 




    Now i just need to replace the event title on the button with "Subscribe" title. It'll be done tomorrow 🙂 


    Thanks for your help. 

    Great day

  • JM78 Profile Picture
    JM78 26 on at
    Re: Multi Adaptive Card picklist ?


    I've just loaded your topic example and understand that you created a table of json content then you added index. 

    It's ok for me. That solution do the work i need. Let me try it and come back 🙂

  • JM78 Profile Picture
    JM78 26 on at
    Re: Multi Adaptive Card picklist ?


    I was looking in a way to put a dynamics number of Adaptive cards based on a variable and pass it as a parameter in the message. The number of adaptive cards is based on a power automate return.


    So the only way is to create on adaptive card and add it multiple times on a message and replace for each one the values ?

  • Verified answer
    HenryJammes Profile Picture
    HenryJammes on at
    Re: Multi Adaptive Card picklist ?

    Hi @JM78,


    If the number of adaptive cards is predefined, you can add multiple ones to a question or message node.

    You can display them in a carousel format.




    If the number of adaptive card is unknown, it's not possible today to have a dynamic number of attachments (i.e. adaptive card in this context).

    As a workaround, you can create a single adaptive card with a carousel-like format.

    I gave an example of how to do it, here: Solved: Re: Carousel cards in PVA - Power Platform Community (


    2023-07-10 18-36-16-443 Topics_-_Internal_Employee_Chatbot__Power_Virtual_.gif




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