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PVA with Azure Open AI connection - Propreties

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Hey Peeps !


I've managed to create a connection to Azure Open AI in a Power Virtual Agent context. It works


(this tutorial works perfectly => Solved: Azure OpenAI on your data: deploying to a differen... - Power Platform Community (


My question concerns the connection properties.

I'm trying to allow the user to adapt the "system message" if they wish.

To do this I assign a value to a global variable at the start of the conversation and then I have a topic allowing me to change the value of this variable.

However, whatever value I assign to this system message, the response generated doesn't change. The same goes for the value (boolean) of the "Limit responses to your data content" field. Even setting it to false doesn't seem to change the bot's behaviour.


Anyone have any ideas?

  • HenryJammes Profile Picture
    HenryJammes on at
    Re: PVA with Azure Open AI connection - Propreties

    There is a known issue about this @CZAS, I believe it's being looked after but I don't have an ETA to share.

  • CZAS Profile Picture
    CZAS 5 on at
    Re: PVA with Azure Open AI connection - Propreties

    Having the same issue. No matter what system message I write on PVA,  bot is still answering as with the default message I had in the AI studio chat playground.


    Did you find a solution?

  • abhi_r Profile Picture
    abhi_r on at
    Re: PVA with Azure Open AI connection - Propreties

    Hi, Is the bot still taking the values from the playground for the System Message and Limit responses and not overriding it with your assigned values? In that case, it seems to be an issue with the connector for Azure OAI. Can you please raise a support ticket and we can help.

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