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Display image from SharePoint on my bot

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I am having issues with the flow, "SharePoint:  Get file contact using path"... I guess don't know how to port back to PVA.  The flow goes through however it's an URL to get the picture not the picture?  The "image" var is not even loaded after the flow is completed...  What I am missing to display the image not download?  





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    CaptainKirk_K 4 on at
    Re: Display image from SharePoint on my bot

    I have been able to get this setup for PVA for teams.

    I have my images saved in the same Teams channel that the Virtual Bot is assigned to so it should then share to any authorised user in that teams group.


    Using Sharepoint step - Get file metadata using path. 

    Point the file path to the image you require.

    Use Sharepoint step - Get file properties.

    Point to the Sharepoint location and select in the dynamic content the ID - ItedId from the previous step.


    This will give you all the properties of the file.

    Including a Thumbnail. I have picked the Large Thumbnail which might not be the best of quality but for the chatbot works very well.

    You can then add that to the output going back to the PVA






  • Re: Display image from SharePoint on my bot

    Is this also true for PVA for TEAMS. My bot is an internal resource only. It is published using PVA for TEAMS, in TEAMS, on the same channel as the associated SharePoint site where the images are also stored. It would seem to me that if it is published on the same SharePoint site that the images live on and the only people using it are approved for that SharePoint site as well that it shouldn't require authentication. No?

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    renatoromao 6,459 on at
    Re: Display image from SharePoint on my bot

    @k1ng ,


    I never tried using SSO, but I don't think so that will work.

    Basically, the context of the bot conversation is public (if you publish in a custom website channel, everyone has access to use it) and SharePoint is a private system, that you need to use your credentials. 

    In theory, the context is different and the public cannot access private data.

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    k1ng 15 on at
    Re: Display image from SharePoint on my bot

    Thanks for the insight @renatoromao.  Even if I make the user log into the chat through SSO or something?  That sounds weird that we can't use sharepoint 365, everyone has approval to access the site..


    Let me know!


  • Verified answer
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    renatoromao 6,459 on at
    Re: Display image from SharePoint on my bot

    Hi @k1ng  ,


    Unfortunately, you will not able to use the Sharepoint image on the chatbot.

    Why? Because Sharepoint has a security and you only can show public images on the chat for the user.


    Also, you need to use a markdown to show images on the chatbot, like [label](image_path) like this: Returning an image as a message - Power Platform Community (

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