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Calling Actions from Copilot Studio

Azure DevOps connector authentication blocked

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Hello -

I am creating a MS Copilot Studio chatbot within Teams which has an action that calls a Power Virtual Agents Flow. In that power automate flow I am attempting to add a connection to Azure DevOps to send an HTTP request to it. I click 'Sign in' button on the connector, it opens a browser tab in Edge (in which I'm logged in to 365, the power platform and everything else Microsoft) which then spins and fails to authenticate with the following message.


"The browser has blocked the connection authentication popup window." See screen shots.


I have attempted every browser cache and popup blocker setting I could find.


Also note, in a browser instance of Power Automate flow as well as on the flow app within Teams I can make this Azure DevOps connection without any issue. This is only a problem within a flow "embedded" in a copilot chatbot action.


Another note, see in the screen shot that I have successfully connected to Outlook.


Anyone have a suggestion?

Appreciate the help!




PS - I posted this same question in the Power Automate community as well.


  • Cgangweg01 Profile Picture
    Cgangweg01 24 on at
    Re: Azure DevOps connector authentication blocked

    Hello Suma,


    I cannot answer your question about purchases, subscriptions or premium features because frankly I just try stuff until it works or doesn't with whatever license my organization provides. 


    In order for the Azure DevOps connector to authenticate when I added it to my flow, I had to access the power automate flow designer in the environment that the chat bot calling the flow is built in. In this case the chat bot was built associated to Teams which apparently is a different environment from where all my others flows which have nothing to do with Teams. I'm sure I'm not explaining this well as I don't really understand it all. Here are few pictures ....


    Hope that helps.


    PS. I'm interested to know what Azure DevOps connector you'll use to access an Azure DevOps wiki?

  • Suma_Sai Profile Picture
    Suma_Sai on at
    Re: Azure DevOps connector authentication blocked

    Hi @Cgangweg01 , I am also trying to build a copilot bot which is published on team. Since my organization has a lot of data in Azure DevOps Wikis, I was asked to use these wikis as the knowledge base for the bot, whenever the user formulates a query the bot  should retrieve relevant wiki's and input the text to the generative AI for the response.  I am  stuck in creating a power automate to fetch the DevOps wikis. Can you please share how you created the connector for DevOps wiki, Should I add any permissions to the app registration, should I purchase any subscriptions to use the premium features of the power automate flow to allow sign in to the DevOps. Your work covers a lot of components which are of interest , can you please share  few details about how you built this infrastructure and how how authored the flow?


    Excuse me for asking so many questions. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


  • Verified answer
    Cgangweg01 Profile Picture
    Cgangweg01 24 on at
    Re: Azure DevOps connector authentication blocked

    Hi -

    I figured this out. When you create a flow from an action in a chat bot, the flow is associated to a Solution in Power Apps. When accessing the flow via the Solution the Azure DevOps connection authenticates without issue.



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