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Covid-19 Chatbot with an updated db

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Hello everyone, 

first let me apologize. The whole topic of chatbots and databases is a first for me. 

I would like to make a chatbot that could provide you with updated data on covid-19. How would I approach this? From my understanding, it is possible to achieve it by connecting a chatbot (MS PVA) to a database (MS SQL Server) using MS Power Automate and On-premise Gateway. The database would have to be updated using a web scraping program (suggestions?) to keep it updated with data obtainable on websites.

Am I missing something? Are there better solutions? Is the SQL database replaceable with datasets using json, xlsx or something integrated in the Microsoft environment? Is this project just too big for me altogether?

The chatbot is something I would like to personally build, but I'd like to know if I'm approaching it from the right direction. I did some research but the amount of information is overwhelming since this is something I have never done. Not even remotely.

I'll be glad for any tips and directions even ones not specific for PVA. 

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    Re: Covid-19 Chatbot with an updated db

    hi @tpackt  I think is a good project and it depends on your time, if you want to have your solution quick maeby you can find for help on the Power Automate Part.


    Make the bot is relative easy and it depends on what you are going to respond to the client, so the first step y configure the topics.


    Then to use power automate you can follow this video: Power Virtual Agents and Power Automate - YouTube

    Then to keep your data updated, It depends on where is your main DB, if is a website then yes you can use web scraping.

    I think this project could be made in 3 weeks, so keep trying.

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