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PVA to answer questions related to a dataset

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I'm trying to achieve the following: create a chat bot that answers questions from a user related to a dataset (Example: Power BI). 


Example: If the user asks a question "Which site has the least turnover?". The chat bot should be able to analyze the data set and give an appropriate response to the user. 


I've explored the option of adding a share point/ OneDrive file. I would like to know if there are any other approaches to doing this.

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    Re: PVA to answer questions related to a dataset

    Yes, this is definitely possible. The high-level steps would be
    1 - Create a Power Automate flow to get the data you need for the bot to respond properly..
    2 - Call a flow as an action with PVA
    3 - Add variables if needed
    4 - Return the results

    Have you used any Dataverse tables yet? This article path focuses on using Dataverse as a table data to return the question from.

    It seems like you have the data already in Power BI. You can query the Power BI Dataset for the site with the least turnover in DAX or JSON with the built-in connector in Power Automate. On the step where you connect to Dataverse you can switch from Dataverse to Power BI in the Power Automate connections.


    @MounikaBanda let me know if this idea helps you out and mark this as the solutions if it does. I am trying to answer questions and win a trip to the 🙂

    Visualizing the Flow.



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