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Filter Excel Table based off of a "contains" search and output Asthetically pleasing

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I have an excel table in sharepoint that I would like for a user to search by specialty using a PVA bot.  So I would enter in lets say "Cardiology" and it would use maybe a contains function or maybe I would just force the user to pick it from a list.  Not sure havent gone that far yet but I want the output to more or less look like this for the user in the PVA agent window:




Cardiology - ElectrophysiologyTCC per Work RVU$49.86  $58.40  $64.36  $68.83  $80.08 
Cardiology - ElectrophysiologyWork RVU8,778.18  10,968.47  12,470.42  13,757.02  16,794.73 
Cardiology - GeneralTCC$401,834.58  $510,433.74  $571,741.85  $617,751.39  $751,259.10 
Cardiology - GeneralTCC per Work RVU$52.70  $63.16  $71.42  $77.62  $99.07 
Cardiology - GeneralWork RVU6,139.97  7,964.71  9,119.10  10,031.97  12,558.85 
Cardiology - Invasive - InterventionalTCC$507,848.58  $624,218.40  $704,190.77  $764,207.19  $951,264.21 
Cardiology - Invasive - InterventionalTCC per Work RVU$54.66  $63.90  $71.33  $76.91  $94.30 
Cardiology - Invasive - InterventionalWork RVU7,762.06  9,853.37  11,274.37  12,411.94  15,761.36 
Cardiology - Invasive - NoninterventionalTCC$492,120.26  $578,594.37  $648,513.00  $700,984.44  $818,250.31 
Cardiology - Invasive - NoninterventionalTCC per Work RVU$54.93  $64.45  $71.64  $77.04  $95.13 


The Benchmarking table.




Here is what I have so far in the PVA bot flow.  Can someone please post an example of how I can do this properly?



Right now my example is trying to filter for family is how family medicine looks liek in the excel sharepoint table.



Here is the output flow how it looks in the Apply to each section.  It separates the TCC, the TCC per Work Rvu and Conversion Factors.  




I just dont know how to share this output with the PVA bot.  it comes out in like 3 differnet tables...I cannot figure it out.


Please help



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