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Add Trigger Phrases to a Default System Topic

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I just started to make bot via Power Virtual. The default System Topics is automatically made and it cannot be turned off. The trigger phrase cannot be edited, added or deleted as well. 


Common phrases for Greetings, Thank You, Bye, etc. are very common in conversation and I would like to add some more trigger phrase but unfortunately it was lock/disabled. 


Is there a way to deactivate this default system topics, or what is the the alternative way if I want to add trigger phrases?


Best regards,


  • Flowingpl Profile Picture
    Flowingpl 12 on at
    Re: Add Trigger Phrases to a Default System Topic

    If you type "Hi Bot" - the answer is " Sorry, I am not able to find a related topic. Can you rephrase and try again?"...can this be corrected?

  • HeihoSilver Profile Picture
    HeihoSilver 9 on at
    Re: Add Trigger Phrases to a Default System Topic

    Thanks for the reply. 
    I haven't tested it yet. I just did some workaround in the content itself Instead.

  • peterswimm Profile Picture
    peterswimm on at
    Re: Add Trigger Phrases to a Default System Topic

    One other thing to add, the power of our NLU system is that you do not need to enumerate every possible greeting. You should get good results by using a greeting of choice, hence why we do not allow editing. Give it a try!

  • Verified answer
    HenryJammes Profile Picture
    HenryJammes on at
    Re: Add Trigger Phrases to a Default System Topic

    Hi @HeihoSilver,


    This isn't possible in the current production version of PVA.
    However, this is possible in the new unified authoring canvas of PVA, now in


    The only workaround in the current production of PVA, and this is more of a hack (warning: this isn't documented nor supported), is to:

    1. export your bot in a solution,
    2. unzip it,
    3. edit the content.json file for the desired topic (e.g. content.json under botcomponents/new_topic_5a13227529cf45689e42395156e4c79e_ba7b967c97ba4c39bca58a8bb6a72d59_conversationstart for Greeting),
    4. edit/add trigger phrases,
    5. create a new zip file for the solution,
    6. import it to overwrite the bot in PVA.

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