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My Multiple Topics Matched topic is no longer a System topic and I am getting errors

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I adjusted this topic for my bot's KB but now the topic is showing up as a user topic: 



 and when I have user prompt that match multiple topics I get this error:


Not sure what I did, if its corrupted or how to fix it but any help would be much appreciated!

Thank you so much!


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    Andrew_Berry 5 on at
    Re: My Multiple Topics Matched topic is no longer a System topic and I am getting errors

    Thank you so much! I found this solution somwhere else, but it was not very in-depth and hard to follow.

    You made it so clear and easy thanks again!!

  • Verified answer
    Re: My Multiple Topics Matched topic is no longer a System topic and I am getting errors

    Hi @Andrew_Berry ,


    1\ Please access this link.




    2\ Find the topic and open it.


    3\ Edit the obi data and save it.


    kind: AdaptiveDialog
     kind: OnSelectIntent
     id: main
     - kind: SetVariable
     id: setVariable_M6434i
     variable: init:Topic.IntentOptions
     value: =System.Recognizer.IntentOptions
     - kind: EditTable
     id: sendMessage_g5Ls09
     changeType: Add
     itemsVariable: Topic.IntentOptions
     value: "={ DisplayName: \"None of these\", TopicId: \"NoTopic\", TriggerId: \"NoTrigger\", Score: 1.0 }"
     - kind: Question
     id: question_zf2HhP
     allowInterruption: false
     alwaysPrompt: true
     variable: System.Recognizer.SelectedIntent
     prompt: "To clarify, did you mean:"
     kind: DynamicClosedListEntity
     items: =Topic.IntentOptions
     - kind: ConditionGroup
     id: conditionGroup_60PuXb
     - id: conditionItem_rs7GgM
     condition: =System.Recognizer.SelectedIntent.TopicId = "NoTopic"
     - kind: ReplaceDialog
     id: YZXRDb
     dialog: cr6d7_copilot2.topic.Fallback


    4\ Refresh the copilot studio.


    Best Regards,


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