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PVA 2023 Wave 2 release

Posted on by 681

Hi there,


We are in October 2023 now and all those new PVA features have not been released to Europe and only for the US.


So, for the second time around, when shall we have those new features as I can't just change the environment or create a new environment because our whole systems are connected to the UK environment.


As a subscriber and paying a lot of money every month to find out lots of bugs and turn the head around to make things work as there are no many detailed tutorials as well, I believe we deserve from the Microsoft product owners and whoever is in charge of the products, a clear explanation why the new features are not yet released in Europe and when we can expect it to be released.


Kind regards,

Fernando Silva



  • fernandosilva Profile Picture
    fernandosilva 681 on at
    Re: PVA 2023 Wave 2 release

    Hi @Jameslew_MSFT ,


    Thank you for your reply.


    I hope some good news comes up asap.


    By the way, to be honest with you all, changing all the platform to run in React turned everything very slow...

    React is not made for such big applications.


    Anyway, who am I to say that...




  • Re: PVA 2023 Wave 2 release

    Hello Fernando.  The Generative AI features are not yet available in Europe yet as availability of the underlying AOAI resources we need are still rolling out (at the scales we need them).  I hope to have more to say soon, we've seen good progress here and will share when we have firm confidence in dates.

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