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PVA for Teams : Power Platform requests Limits (power automate)

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Hi all,


Currently I'm a bit confused by the documentation provided by Microsoft about the Power Virtual Agents subscription limits for "Power Platform Requests". The documentation states Power Platform requests : 2,000 every 24 hours for PVA for teams.


These requests are consumed by Power Automate flows that are triggering by Power Virtual Agents chatbots. Learn more about Power Power Automate limits.


For example, I want to create a bot that uses 1 Power automate flow. This flow makes 4 https requests to different 3rd party API's and sends a message back to the user.


Does this mean the bot can execute that flow 2000 times per day? OR do the 4 HTTP Requests count as individual "power platform requests" meaning that this bot can execute that specific flow only 500 times per day?

Are those "power platform requests" pooled at tenant level or bot level?


Example :

If I have 10 bots in my organization that trigger different flows some bots can have multiple flows they can trigger on a given path (one flow sends an email, the other gets a sharepoint file url, ... etc).


Are the 2000 requests / day split amongst all the bots (so if bot A triggers 1000 flows, bot B 600 the other 8 bots have to "fight" over the remaining 400 requests? Or is it 2000 calls per bot per day?


The real world case would be a teams bot that gathers data from multiple 3rd party API's along the way in different flows. 

Which means that 1 bot will trigger two or more Flows per session (depending on the path). Some flows make multiple HTTP Requests. We estimate that about 700+ users (sessions) might use the bot, maybe even multiple times. So about 2000 flow calls can be reached.


Within the organization people are free to create PVA within their own team, and I don't have an overview how many bots have been created at the moment... we don't want bots to stop working because one consumed all the calls. 


Currently the Microsoft documentation doesn't provide me with a clear answer about Power platform requests and consumption. Additional details and information would be helpful, thanks in advance.

Best regards,


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    Re: PVA for Teams : Power Platform requests Limits (power automate)

    If you click on the link in the footnote in the documentation about requests you will find this information specific to Power Virtual Agents ( )

    • Power Virtual Agents - API requests (or calls) to Power Automate flows from within a chatbot conversation.

    So if your bot calls one PA flow that is one PVA request.  Two flows would be two requests.  The requests inside the flow would be charged based on the request limit in Power Automate.  But that wouldn't go against the 2,000 request limit for PVA/

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