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Community user group experience

Your user group experience in our communities should be very similar across the board. For this article, all images are from the Dynamics 365 community. *Please note that any locations or user groups visible in the images below are representations o

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Community accessibility

At Microsoft, we understand the power of technology, and that is why we continue to innovate, create, and design in a way that gives everyone the ability to achieve more. To learn more about Microsoft commitment to accessibility visit

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Managing discussion posts with thread tools

Discussion threads include tools for organization, management, and moderation. Using these tools effectively is crucial not only to your own experience, but to the health of our Community as a whole. These tools allow members to quickly take action t

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Understanding reputation points

  Reputation points are a useful way to track your contributions to the Community. They are awarded as you perform beneficial activities in the Community, and help all members learn about highly valued contributors. Reputation points can be viewed

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Suggested and verified forum answers

When someone replies to a forum question, they may mark their reply as a suggested answer. If the suggested answer solves the problem, the original poster or other users may check the box 'Does this answer your question?' on that reply to make it a v

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Become a Super User

If you’ve been exploring our community, you might have come across users with someone with a Super User icon right next to their name or a special seasonal Super User badge on their profile page. Just as the name suggests the Super Users are the su

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Meet your Microsoft Power Platform Community team

Welcome to the Community, we are excited to have you join us! Whether in the forums, blogs, or working behind the scenes, our team's mission is to ensure the community is a positive and helpful place for all our members. The Microsoft Power Platfor

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Understanding notifications and subscriptions

Community members can stay up to date with activity they are interested in via notifications and subscriptions. Notifications are delivered in the Community site/application and can also be sent via email.   IN-APP NOTIFICATIONS INDICATOR New not