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I assume the Power Virtual Agent builds on a knowledge base in the background and probably QnA Maker which means we should be able to import/export the knowledge base.

I can't find any such option currently, can anyone confirm whether it's already possible or when it might be coming?

Building a new knowledge base might be short-term fun but to properly test it I'd need to import existing knowledge base(s).

  • Ashish2012 Profile Picture
    Ashish2012 484 on at
    Re: Import/export topics
    Not sure about Q&A maker, As Azure already have same kind of service for Bot.

    But, Yeah If you think a strong case. I would suggest to submit this as an Idea.

  • antwhite Profile Picture
    antwhite 2 on at
    Re: Import/export topics

    Ditto others re connecting to QnA.


    Also, will PVA itself be able to make QnA bots at some point?

  • Expecho Profile Picture
    Expecho 3 on at
    Re: Import/export topics

    Would love to know as well. We have an existing QnA maker Knowledge Base and would like to reuse it in our Virtual Agent 

  • KLXN Profile Picture
    KLXN 4 on at
    Re: Import/export topics

    Has this been released yesterday? Is there any documentation available for how to implement the connection between QnA Maker and PVA?

  • Emma_Archer Profile Picture
    Emma_Archer on at
    Re: Import/export topics

    Whoops yes the date in Dec 2nd 2019.  For you other question I'll need to come back to you.  

  • nicodejong Profile Picture
    nicodejong 4 on at
    Re: Import/export topics

    @Emma_Archer Is that global GA on Dec 2 2019 (or 12 feb 2020)? Is it already known under which licence that will fall?

  • Verified answer
    Emma_Archer Profile Picture
    Emma_Archer on at
    Re: Import/export topics

    Hi Thomas - Yes for you’ll be able to point your PVA bot at 1 or more URLs and pull in question / answer pairs as suggestions, and you can then decide which ones you want to “promote” into topics within PVA. This will be available for GA 12/2.


    In terms of doing an import / export of an entire bot that is a feature on roadmap but will follow post GA. The other variant of that being able to import /export a specific set of topics will also follow post GA.




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