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Publish PVA CHatbot

Posted on by 85

Hi! please guide can I publish my bot on demo website if I am using PVA trial version.

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    zafarshamsi 85 on at
    Re: Publish PVA CHatbot

    @MattJimison It was due to environment issue mean user login which I use to create CB. Thanking you stay blessed and also guide how can I publish it on my company website.

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    zafarshamsi 85 on at
    Re: Publish PVA CHatbot

    @MattJimison I have some issue and still I only observe is that I am not able to publish on demo area may be due to user rights or PVA trial. I am unable to set settings as they are on grey and can't be changed. Attaching images with the name please check and guide me especially on authentication setting I have no idea which values are system required.

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    MattJimison 577 on at
    Re: Publish PVA CHatbot

    Hi, @zafarshamsi .


    The demo site isn't intended to be a long-term solution for hosting your bot. Regardless of whether you're using a PVA trial or not, though, the option to publish to the available channels should be there. The simplest and most secure option would be to use the Teams channel since you can require authentication that is automatically handled for you. If you want to embed the bot in SharePoint Online, you can go to Settings -> Channels -> Custom website and copy the embed code on that window and paste that into an embed webpart, but the caveat is bots initially are created without authentication and to host a bot within SharePoint Online, there isn't a single-sign on solution currently, so your bot would technically be available to anyone with the url.


    Finally, regardless of which channel(s) you use, you must go to "Publish" on the left-hand side and then click the "Publish" button on the screen to make the current version of your bot available outside of the Test UI.


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