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Flow returning a JSON?

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I am trying to get a JSON back from search_for_user_(v2) to pass to the composer and I am sure out to do that.  I can append to a string with a concat function however I am not sure how to bring it back from a string to json in composer for the foreach?


Let me know!


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    nk1ng 71 on at
    Re: Flow returning a JSON?

    Welp, I finally got it.

    Flow (and set for the 'return' to be global in PVA):



    Composer (Create Tab; I used json func here for the string return from PVA to go back to an array in composer):



    Composer (Bot responses tab):





    The only caveat now is the image for the user, which will work in the test bot however when you publish it to teams won't show the image.  Still working on that...

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    nk1ng 71 on at
    Re: Flow returning a JSON?

    Update:  I think I got the JSON back to the PVA:



    However the composer has issues?  Won't run the foreach stating it's "not a collection or structure object"?



    If you look at the logs on the composer:



    Let me know!



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