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Join multiple conditions with same variable

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I am creating new bot , i am trying to unified some variable for different conditions , is there  solution tp fulfill my requirement . 


NOTE: I adjusted the bot as work around "snapshot below" , but as timeline the question before condition not correct its should come after the condition . 


* Current bot:

Current PVA.PNG

* what i want to achieve : 

Current PVA1.png


* work around :


new PVA3.PNG

  • Re: Join multiple conditions with same variable

    Yes, this is what i want to accomplish , and yes it working fine 🙂


    thanks a lot @CleberM 

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    CleberM Profile Picture
    CleberM on at
    Re: Join multiple conditions with same variable

    @Anonymous is this what you're trying to accomplish (screenshot below)?


    You can drag and drop the  node connectors to connect them. Click on the (+) and then drag the little circle that appears.


    Let us know if this solves your issue


  • Jcook Profile Picture
    Jcook 7,765 on at
    Re: Join multiple conditions with same variable

    Hello @Anonymous 


    You could call Power Automate and pass in the variable. Then output the Variable.

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