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How can I pass an array of strings to a Power Automate Flow?

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From PVA, I am trying to pass a Table (An array of strings, e.g. ["String 1", "String 2", "String 3"]) to a Power Automate Flow. I'm having a lot of difficulty achieving this, as there seems to be no way to convert such a table to a string? Wrapping the table with Text() does not work.


Is there actually a way to do this? Thanks

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    alexwu2023 4 on at
    Re: How can I pass an array of strings to a Power Automate Flow?

    how to create PVA trigger which accept array? currently seems only string, boolean and number are supported

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    stuermer 64 on at
    Re: How can I pass an array of strings to a Power Automate Flow?

    Hey @Binary_Tree !


    At which point you're struggeling? Have you played around with some data operations? E.g.: Create a trigger in Power Automate that accepts an input from Power Virtual Agents. This input should be the array of strings. Once you have the array of strings as an input in Power Automate, you can manipulate it further. Use the `join` expression in Power Automate to convert the array into a single string.


    For instance:

            join(triggerBody()?['YourArrayInputName'], ', ')


    This will join the array ["String 1", "String 2", "String 3"] into "String 1, String 2, String 3".

    You can customize the separator (', ' in the above example) to whatever you wish, even an empty string or a newline (`'\n'`) or work with actions like 'Create CSV table'.


    Please let me know if this was helpful!

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