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Calling Actions from Copilot Studio

Summarise document that has been uploaded

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Hi everyone, I’m trying to create a bot that will call an action to allow uploading of their research papers or papers that was obtained through collaboration and then subsequently summarise it after it was uploaded. 

so I created an action for uploading but I’m unable to creat an action to summarise the uploaded doc. Any gurus here that can help ? 

  • adilei Profile Picture
    adilei on at
    Re: Summarise document that has been uploaded

    The YAML code goes into a topic. Click on the three dots and then "Open code editor". I agree the pattern is more advanced and not very low-code. I hope that built-in file upload capabilities will come soon.



  • Weng Profile Picture
    Weng 6 on at
    Re: Summarise document that has been uploaded

    Thanks again ! Just because I’m really a noob at this. Where would I paste this code and did you code this from scratch ? Is there an Ai tool that you are using within copilot studio to help with this coding ? Thanks again 

  • adilei Profile Picture
    adilei on at
    Re: Summarise document that has been uploaded

    For now, you will have to follow a custom pattern. Here's a custom canvas that will send an attachment to Power Automate: upload_pa_template_html (

    You copilot will intercept an event from the custom canvas, telling the copilot a file with a specific GUID has been uploaded to Dataverse. Then it is up to you do something with the file (e.g. send to AI builder):


    kind: AdaptiveDialog
     kind: OnEventActivity
     id: main
     eventName: uploadFile
     - kind: SetVariable
     id: setVariable_ZaaEfM
     variable: Topic.fileID
     value: =Text(System.Activity.Value)
     - kind: SendActivity
     id: sendActivity_lis3Um
     activity: Thanks! trying to extract data now using a highly sophisticated AI model
     - kind: InvokeFlowAction
     id: invokeFlowAction_W4gGku
     text: =Topic.fileID
     amounttotal: Topic.amountTotal
     vendorname: Topic.vendorName
     flowId: cb32bb85-a0c3-ee11-9079-000d3a119782
     - kind: SendActivity
     id: sendActivity_I6gp0P
     activity: Here are the details I've extracted. Double check the details and click submit.
     - kind: AdaptiveCardPrompt
     id: amfJgd
     card: |-
     type: "AdaptiveCard",
     body: [
     type: "TextBlock",
     text: "Invoice Details",
     weight: "Bolder",
     size: "Medium"
     type: "Input.Text",
     id: "vendorName",
     placeholder: "Vendor Name",
     value: Topic.vendorName,
     label: "Vendor Name"
     type: "Input.Number",
     id: "invoiceTotal",
     placeholder: "Invoice Total",
     min: 0,
     value: Topic.amountTotal,
     label: "Invoice Total"
     actions: [
     type: "Action.Submit",
     title: "Submit",
     data: {
     submitType: "vendorInvoiceSubmission"
     '$schema': "",
     version: "1.4"
     actionSubmitId: Topic.actionSubmitId
     invoiceTotal: Topic.invoiceTotal
     submitType: Topic.submitType
     vendorName: Topic.vendorName
     actionSubmitId: String
     invoiceTotal: Number
     submitType: String
     vendorName: String
     - kind: SendActivity
     id: sendActivity_oOlNM2
     activity: |-
     I'll submit the invoice for approval
  • Weng Profile Picture
    Weng 6 on at
    Re: Summarise document that has been uploaded

    Thanks! What action did you use to upload documents ? If let’s say we are uploading pdfs?

  • adilei Profile Picture
    adilei on at
    Re: Summarise document that has been uploaded

    @Umianta , Gen Answers will summarize search results, but it is not the best tool when the requirement is to analyze or summarize a specific document.


    @Weng , a possible flow would be: upload the doc -> extract text using AI Hub (AI Builder) -> summarize the text using a custom prompt (also AI Hub/AI Builder)

  • Umianta Profile Picture
    Umianta 294 on at
    Re: Summarise document that has been uploaded

    Hi @Weng 


    Utilize Generative Answers nodes for summarizing. For further details, consult the following documentation:

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