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Create Topic to Process PDF

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New to Copilot studio and need some help in creating a topic. I have a PDF document with numerous event names and event dates. I want to create a topic that reads the PDF and responds to questions such as 'when is the next scheduled [event name]'. If the event is past the response should be the event has passed else the response should be 'the scheduled event date for [event name] is [event date'.


Any help  you can offer in architecting the topic that is non-generative is much appreciated. 



  • akashindori1234 Profile Picture
    akashindori1234 61 on at
    Re: Create Topic to Process PDF

    Thanks for your feedback, will try the flexible approach you suggest since I want to control the responses to questions. I am not concerned about complicated, have to do it right.

  • adilei Profile Picture
    adilei on at
    Re: Create Topic to Process PDF

    One option would be uploading the PDF directly to the copilot and using Generative Answers. This is not very complicated to do and does not require very deep experience with Copilot Studio, but you won't be able to do much to manipulate or control responses to questions.


    A more flexible (albeit slightly more complicated) approach would be running text recognition on the document to extract the text, and then respond to questions based on the extracted text using a custom prompt.

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